Kintsugi Anti-Aging & Brightening Facial Oil

Kintsugi Anti-Aging & Brightening Facial Oil


Kintsugi Anti-Aging and Brightening Facial Oil


This nourishing facial oil blend smells of hints of Rose and Ginger. A perfect fit for your Gua Sha Stone to give you the best results. Packed with antioxidants and brightening properties. Reverse the dermal and epidermal signs of photo-aging (damage to skin due to exposure to UV and environment) and chronological aging. Can be used on face and neck daily.


Use natural high quality ingredients with high levels of carotenoids, natural precursors to Collagen and Retinol.




Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Carrot Tissue, Ginger EO, Rosehip, Jojoba, Rose fragrance (phthalate free), Beta Caryophyllene


Organic Jojoba Oil- Loaded with antioxidants Vit A, E and similar molecular structure to sebum (our body’s own waxy oil)


Organic Carrot Root Tissue Extract::  Aids in revitalizing skin’s elasticity, Carotenoids are beneficial to reverse photoaging, nutrient rich, Vit C, antioxidants, precursor to Collagen


Ginger Essential Oil: Eliminates bacteria, inhibits signs of skin damage and aging, restores color and radiance to dull complexion


Organic Rosehip Oil: Excellent source of trans-Retonoic acid; Anti-aging and repairing treatment oil, reduces wrinkles, re-hydrates, reverse sun damage and photoaging (premature aging of skin due to external factors like the sun)


Beta Caryophyllene- balanced proliferation, differentiation and survival of skin cells. Balance of sebum (oil production in sebaceous glands)